Facilitating Clinic-Wide Spread


It’s likely not all clinicians and staff will be involved with the SDM/DA planning and implementation process from the start. Therefore you will need a plan to spread SDM and the new procedures throughout the clinic.

After your team has streamlined the process, the clinician champion can demonstrate the procedure of implementing the SDM project in everyday practice. Once the process has been streamlined in real-time, facilitation is simple and contagious—like a cold.

Clinics often rely on a key staff person as a lead “go-to” person for the SDM/DA process. This person generally has a can-do attitude and is more involved with the project than other clinic personnel. The key staff person(s) can also work closely with the clinician champion to streamline the DA implementation process. This role serves as a presence in the clinic to perpetuate the SDM/DA project in the forefront of patient care, to eventually become part of daily routine. This person is essential in keeping the SDM/DA momentum and encouraging new SDM clinicians to participate.

In addition to evaluating your program, you can use clinic all-staff meetings to facilitate clinic-wide spread:

  1. Motivate clinicians and staff to regain focus on the SDM/DA process;
  2. Discuss implementation changes (so everyone is on the same page); and
  3. Encourage friendly competition.


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