Building Your Team


Implementing practice change requires time and resources. Larger clinics affiliated with hospital systems may have an established quality improvement team where members have allocated work hours for supporting clinic change. To facilitate successful SDM/DA implementation, we encourage smaller clinics to designate the following roles and provide protected time for project activities:

  • Lead Clinician/Project Champion – to serve as the voice for the project across the clinic and support staff activities.
  • Lead Staff Member – often a clinic manager, QI official, nurse, or clinic member with a passion.
  • DA Implementation Team – a small, cross-functional team including the lead clinician, lead staff member, and representatives from the front- and back-office staff who understand the importance of DA implementation to your patients and the clinic and are willing to meet and work on an implementation plan.

The actual composition of your team will depend on the size, staff capacities, and resources available at your clinic. Remember, each member of your DA implementation team probably has a full workload already. Some job duties may need to be shifted to other staff members – or additional hours of work added – to enable these new activities. Simply expanding on a staff member’s current responsibilities may contribute to burnout and implementation failures. Clinic leadership should carefully assess current work-loads before assigning these new responsibilities, and to ask staff members what they would like their role on the project to be.

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