DA Preparation, Storage and Maintenance


Having prepared, easy to access DA packets facilitates distribution to patients at the point of care – exactly when a decision point emerges. Proper preparation of the DAs can streamline the process and allow for easy tracking of DA distribution and return by designated clinic staff. The DA implementation team should consider how to prepare DAs and store them in a manner that facilitates real time use.


DA Packet Preparation
Putting self-addressed, stamped DA packets together and storing them in the exam room makes it easier for the clinician to:

  1. Distribute DAs at the point of care;
  2. Create a tracking record for DA distribution and follow-up; and
  3. Encourage DA return using the pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

Essential Materials for DA Packets:

Assign a staff member to prepare the DA packets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on distribution frequency). It is helpful if this person is also responsible for DA tracking, follow-up, and return. To support patient privacy, assign a unique ID number on the DA tracking sheet and the DA (this number is NOT the same as the patient’s medical record number).

Prepping DA Packets:

  1. Prepare addressed, stamped envelopes for return to your clinic
  2. Staple the DA data tracking form on the outside of the envelope
  3. Peel off two unique ID number stickers and place one in the upper right hand corner of the DA data tracking form and another on the inside back cover of the DA
  4. Put the clinic cover letter and DA inside the envelope

Storage and Display
You’ll need to identify a location to store the prepared DA packets. Having the DAs readily available at the point of care is essential for marketing the DAs to patients and having staff and clinicians remember to distribute them. Consider storing DA packets in each exam room:

  • In a file cabinet or box
  • On a bookshelf
  • Inside a drawer underneath the exam table
  • In a wall mounted file holder


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