DA Viewing Options


Depending on clinic and patient preference, your DA implementation team should consider offering different DA viewing options. Not every patient has access to a DVD player and some may prefer to not view the DA in the clinic. Here are some ways your clinic may encourage patients to view DAs:

  • At Home: Handing out the DA DVD and booklet to the patient at the time of visit, and encouraging them to review them at home with family and/or friends is one of the most common routes for dissemination. This allows family members to access the DA and helps their understanding of the condition. This is also a way to continue the patient/provider conversation after the clinic visit by allowing the patient to schedule another appointment to discuss the DA with health education staff or the nurse care coordinator.
  • At Clinic Viewing Area: If your clinic has supplemental space, you can allow patients to view DAs at the clinic using portable DVD players. This allows health education staff to provide decision support and answer any immediate questions the patient may have. In-house DA viewing provides a controlled environment for patients to process the information and understand how to proceed in their decision-making process. Even though you don’t need a private room to view the DA as it does not contain PHI, some patients may feel more comfortable using headphones or being in a semi-private area away from others.
  • At a Clinic Sponsored Group Visit: Group visits provide an opportunity for patients to view the DAs then discuss questions and concerns with peers and medical professionals. You may choose to have patients view the DA prior to or at the group visit. Patients also have the opportunity to schedule follow-up appointments with their clinician (oftentimes the visit is at the patient’s clinic) and/or have the option to schedule a one-on-one educational session with the nurse care manager or health educator(s). Light refreshments are generally welcomed and appreciated.


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