Direct DA Marketing to Patients, Clinic Staff, and the Community


Posters, brochures, and sample DAs help increase both staff and patient awareness of SDM and the DA tools. Consider using the following resources or strategies to raise project awareness:

  • DA posters: Place posters on the back of exam doors and throughout the waiting area.
  • DA brochures: Develop brochures to educate patients and staff about preference sensitive conditions, shared decision making, and to highlight available DAs. Place them in the clinic waiting room and distribute them across the community. Some of our clinics displayed them in grocery stores and the local post office!
  • Sample DAs: Place select sample DAs in the waiting room, exam rooms, or clinic resource library with a label reading “Clinic copy, ask your health care team for more information.”
  • Articles in the local paper or clinic newsletters: Write a press release on SDM and your clinic’s DA project, highlighting your attention to high quality patient care, and distribute it to local media.


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