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DA Cover Letter


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Dear Patient:

Your health care providers and staff here at [Clinic name] are involved in a project to find out the best way to give our patients information so they can make more informed health care decisions.

The project asks you to view an informational DVD and look at the booklet that comes with it. In some cases we will also ask you to complete a short questionnaire. This questionnaire asks you to answer a few questions before looking at the materials and a few after. You may choose to answer any or all of the questions and you may view the DVD without answering the questions. You are not being “graded” by the answers you give, so please do not worry! We are the ones “testing” how well we can get health information out to our patients.

To help us evaluate these DVDs, the answers from your questionnaire will be entered into a spreadsheet. Your name will not be identified in the spreadsheet; instead we will use a coded number. Providing this information is voluntary.

We value the relationship with our patients and are constantly striving to improve our services and the quality of our health care. Thank you for helping us to do this.

Please return the DVD and completed questionnaire to the clinic in 1 – 2 weeks.

Warmest regards,

[Clinician Names]

And the staff at [Clinic Name]

[Clinic Address]

[Clinic Contact Number]

[Clinic name] has free Decision Aids about the benefits and risks of various potential medical screenings or treatments. Please talk to your clinician if you or a family member is interested in receiving a free Decision Aid for the following topics:

[Available DAs]

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