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DA Selection Worksheet


1)    What conditions are your clinician/medical assistant teams interested in having a DA for?


2)    Is interest in the DA topic variable across the practice?


3)    Are there DAs for conditions that are consistent between the clinicians?


4)    Do you think the DAs will be better utilized if they are specific to individual clinician/medical assistant teams? Or is standardization is better across the practice?


5)    Will it be easier to select a DA that addresses a condition experienced by a large portion of your patient population?  Or do you think it’s more useful to select a condition that is rare in practice?


6)    What types of challenges or benefits might having a DA for “common” versus “rare” conditions present?


7)    How will the final decision regarding DA utilization be made (i.e. by consensus, by the lead study clinician, etc.)?


8)    Based on your responses above, what 2 (or 3) DAs has the clinic selected for implementation?


9)    How many copies of each DA do you need?  Consider having ample copies on hand for distribution to your patients – we can order more during the study period as needed.

Download a Microsoft Word version of this document that you can edit.