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Group Visit Letter


[insert date]

Dear [insert patient name],

Shared decision making is the process between you and your doctor to discuss possible options about your health. A growing body of research shows that both patients and providers benefit when patients are well informed and play a role in deciding how they are going to treat or manage their health conditions.

As a patient of [insert clinician name], we want to invite you to participate in this new way of delivering medical care. By choosing to participate you will be asked to:

  • [Watch/Read] a decision aid (DA) about [insert condition] and complete a pre and post viewing questionnaire that accompanies DA.  These materials will be mailed to you three weeks prior to the small group session. Please view the materials by the date of our small group class.
  • Mail or return the decision aid and questionnaires back to [clinic name] in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope provided to you prior to the small group class.
  • Attend a small group class of patients with [insert clinician name] on [insert date] and feel free to bring questions concerning [insert condition].
  • Help evaluate the success of the program in meeting your needs.

Most of the time when you come in to the clinic you are ill or have a specific problem that we need to talk about. Discussions about your personal choices about [insert condition] are often hard to fit into these short visits. The purpose of this group is to inform you and your family about the importance of having a treatment plan that fits with your personal values and beliefs.

The small group class will be held [insert date] from [insert time].  This group visit will be held at [insert place].  We encourage you to bring a family member with you.

If you are interested, please send in the RSVP card by [insert date approx. one month prior to group session date].  If you are not interested, you will continue to receive usual health care.

As always, we value your health and well being and hope you will take the time to take part in this opportunity.

In good health,

[Clinician Names]

And the staff at [Clinic Name]

[Clinic Address]

[Clinic Contact Number]

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