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Press Release


Working with local media is a great way to publicize your clinic and your SDM project, and to encourage your patients to ask about it. Find out which local reporters cover health issues in the newspaper and on television. Send them a press release and follow up with a telephone call to make sure they received it.

Providing them with a press release that can be quickly transformed into a news story makes it easier for them to do a short story on your project. This generic release will help get you started, but remember to add a local twist that makes the story memorable. Adding a personal story will catch the attention of both the media and community members.



[Clinic Name] Works to Improve Patient Care

[Clinic name] is working to improve patient care by implementing a shared decision making (SDM) program into its practice.  SDM helps patients make complex medical decisions about their care in partnership with their physicians. It informs patients about the pros and cons associated with each medically reasonable treatment and engages them in making an informed, values-based choice among the alternatives.

SDM is a patient-centered approach that has proven beneficial to patients. A growing body of evidence indicates that informed patients feel better about the decision process when they are able to discuss their preferences, values and concerns with their clinician. These patients are more likely to stick with the regimens the treatment requires, and they often end up rating their health better after treatment.

“[Insert a quote from a member of the DA implementation team about how the process is designed to help local patients],” says [Insert name] at [insert clinic name].

[Clinic name] is augmenting its SDM program with decision aids (DAs) that provide information about the condition and discusses various treatment options. They are currently using DAs for the following conditions: [Insert conditions covered by your priority DAs]. People are encouraged to view them to learn more about the conditions and treatment options. To view the materials, or for more information, please contact [an articulate member of your team with the time and knowledge to field local calls] at [telephone number].


[Clinic boilerplate and contact information]

Download a Microsoft Word version of this document that you can edit.